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RELIEVE Stress and anxiety

Do You Suffer from Stress or Anxiety?

Are you suffering from stress or anxiety? If so, you are not alone. Through hypnosis, you can dispel those feelings and achieve more in life. Typically, anxiety is when someone is upset about the future. Either the stress of the unknown or the worry about what is to come builds up in the mind creating an anxious feeling. Stress can manifest into the body, for example having a panic attack. 

If your mind has the ability to make you anxious, it has the equal ability to allow you to feel at ease. Hypnotherapy can help you breath and be a more calm relaxed person! Hypnosis trains your mind to enjoy being in the present moment, and handle things as they come. 


"I can't tell you how different my life is now. Hypnosis has helped me to overcome my anxiety that I've been dealing with almost my whole life. I've spent years in traditional therapy and had nowhere near the results I received with hypnotherapy with Carissa Brown Holscher, CCHt. It was a truly healing experience." ~A.L.




Depression Can Be Helped through Hypnosis

Often times, depression can develop when someone feels upset about the past. This obviously takes away from one's ability to enjoy the present, as well as can make one feel hopeless for the future. 

Through hypnosis, we are able to access the subconscious mind to release the hurts from the past and heal from within. Some even describe it as if they are being "de-hypnotized" to get back to the happier versions of themselves. 


"I feel more alive and good about my life. My depression improved more and more with each session and now I feel excited about being alive."  ~P.R.

Self Esteem

Feel Better about Yourself!

What are the things that you say to yourself when you talk to yourself? 

Are the words positive, encouraging, and uplifting? Or, do you shame or get down on yourself and beat yourself up over things? Those messages are coming up from the subconscious mind and streaming up to your conscious (aka cognitive) awareness. 

It is impossible to measure every single thought you have throughout the day; however, pay attention when you catch yourself!  Your thoughts have powerful energy. The relationship that you have with yourself is the most important relationship you will have your whole life! 

Hypnosis is powerful in converting more and more of those negative hurtful messages into more and more positive, encouraging, uplifting messages.  The time for you to feel great about yourself is NOW!

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Fears and phobias

Fears and Phobias? Try Hypnotherapy!

Maybe your fear came from a personal experience or trauma, or maybe it came from watching a movie, something you saw on the news, or somewhere else. Whatever the case may be, if you have a fear that seems to go against for conscious wishes and will, then hypnosis is the answer for you!

Hypnotherapy releases and lets go of the fear in your subconscious mind. It replaces the fear with comfort, ease, and confidence . As a result, you find your situation becomes much more manageable, or that you emotionally forget that you even had the something that you used to feel long ago but have completely gotten over it. 

What Fears Can Hypnotherapy Overcome? 

  • Flying  (flight phobia)
  • Injections  (trypanophobia)
  • Social Situations  (social phobia)
  • Close Situations  (claustrophobia)
  • Vomiting  (emetophobia)
  • Spiders (arachnophobia)
  • Snakes (ophiophobia)
  • Rats (musophobia)
  • Dogs  (cynophobia)
  • Heights  (acrophobia)
  • Falling  (basophobia)
  • Dentists  (odontophobia)
  • Shy Bladder Syndrome (paruresis)
  • And Many More!


"My flight went great! Finally I was able to go on an airplane after 11 years. Now I can travel to the places I've always wanted to go. Thank you!" ~C.H.