Sports Performance

The difference between a good athlete and a great athlete is the mental game!

Improve your overall game

Your Mental Game

Did you know that sports are as mental as they are physical? Make the most of your physical training by enhancing your mental training!


Three things can happen during sports performance: Boredom (lack of focus and drive), anxiety (overthinking, over trying, and getting flustered), or being in the zone (rising to the occasion, focusing, and doing your best in the moment). Hypnosis helps you to be in the zone more consistently. Carissa Brown Holscher, CCHt. works with a number of athletes from serious amateurs to Olympic potentials to professional athletes. 

Hypnotherapy works for a variety of sports:

  • Golf
  • Marathons
  • Triathlons 
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Swimming
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Horseback Riding
  • Cheer-leading and Gymnastics


"I can tell a big difference while playing. Hypnosis allowed me to be more in the moment. It feels natural too. Even my coaches are impressed."  ~R.R.

"I shot my best game yet, and I placed well in the tournament! Golf is fun again. I will be coming back in for hypnosis every season." ~B.W.

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Gain Confidence and determination

Be a Confident and Determined Competitor

The best coach is an encouraging one. Be your own best coach by using hypnosis. Increase the positive things you say to yourself. Hypnotherapy creates a winner's attitude by installing a mental picture in your mind's eye of peak athletic performance success. Train your mind to trust your skills and abilities. Replay in your mind your best sports moments. Be inspired by a great athlete that you look up to. If they learned to do it, then so can you. Hypnotherapy allows you to use your mind to love your sport and compete like never before!


Get Rid of Mental Blocks

There are different ways that an athlete can get knocked off his/her game. It could be because of a criticism from a coach, teammate or parent. Or, it could be a result of a past injury. Another way mental blocks are be formed, may be from times in the past when something didn't go the right way. Then fearful this will happen again, an athlete might start overthinking; therefore, creating a block in his/her true ability. 

Since hypnotherapy goes straight to the subconscious mind, it can immediately release those blocks and increase the mental game!